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Our Mission

Technology that empowers, not replaces people

Our Team

Tuesday Innovation is a bioinformatics platform development company based in South Africa

Our team of scientists and developers are passionate about using advances in sequencing technologies to improve the lives of people from all walks of life

Heading up that team are bioinformaticians Dr. Jon Ambler and David Matten 

Years of experience working with different research groups on a variety of problems and datasets pointed to one recurring problem. Generating data is easy, making it useful is the challenge


Our focus is now on developing platforms that present biological data in ways that are useful for users whether they are researchers or customers

We have some big dreams for Biotech and we love working with big dreamers.

Can we improve crops by enriching the soil microbiome? What if we could use bacteria to power our homes? What biotechnologies will be needed to terraform Mars? 

These are exciting questions that we believe we can find the answer to. The technologies exist today, and just need someone to put them together in an innovative way. Maybe it will come to us one Tuesday night. 

Our Vision

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