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Our Services

Design is in our DNA. We checked. 

Platform Development

  • Build your application with powerful backends based on Django, FastAPI

  • Use scalable databases including PostgreSQL and Neo4j

  • Create beautiful front-ends using Vue.js and React

Bioinformatics Consulting

Have a project that needs a hand? We are available to consult on projects and are experts in:

  • Microbial transcriptomics, variant calling, assembly and analysis

  • Graph genome and pan genome analysis.

  • Novel challenges and tool development

Full Stack Service

  • We manage the project from concept to live platform

  • Provide monitoring for traffic, errors, and server load so you can rest easy knowing your platform is always rocking the world

Let us find a solution that works for you

Our development process is phased based, with clear deliverables at each step:

  • Initial meeting and vision outline

  • Scoping discussions to decide on deliverables

  • Project outline proposal

  • Start of phase cycles

    • Development ​
    • Feedback

    • Promote to next phase

  • Deployment of the live project​

Projects are designed so that if you are unhappy at the end of any phase, you are free to continue the project with another developer

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