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Bioinformatics consulting and platform development 

Sequencing is only the first step

Biological data is not just big, it's complex. We create tools that refine that data and present it in a way that creates actionable insights

Bioinformatics Consulting

We are available to consult on projects involving:

  • Microbial pathogens

  • Transcriptomics

  • Variant calling

  • Genome assembly 

  • Graph genome and pan genome analysis

Platform Development

Design to deployment of platforms that give true utility to Next Generation Sequencing technologies and biological data, providing you and your users with the answers they need

Detailed Feedback and Reporting

We use modern reporting and project management tools to keep you up to date and informed from concept to live platform

Our Tech Stack

We work with a modern, fast, reliable stack built using Django or FastAPI on the backend, stable scalable databases using PostgreSQL or Neo4j, and beautiful responsive frontends created using Vue.js and React

For portability and compatibility, our platforms and pipelines are containerised using Docker or Singularity, allowing them to be deployed on a variety of systems including AWS and Azure 

Our Partners

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Coming soon

A Focus on Innovation

With the increasing availability of DNA sequencing technologies we are able to explore the microbes in our bodies and the soil, better understand disease, and use microbes as tiny self replicating factories

At the end of the day, technology is meant to make life better. That is why we strive to create technologies that assist, not replace people


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Cape Town

South Africa

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